These Unexpected Foods Might be Giving your Kids Cavities

Everyone knows that candy and soda are bad for teeth, but there’s more to protecting your kids’ teeth than just cutting out the sweets. Take a look at why these four foods are more harmful to your children’s teeth than you might realize.

Dried Fruit & Fruit Juices

Fruit is an important part of any balanced diet, but some of the ways your children can get their daily source of fruit might be harder on their teeth than others. Dried fruit is sticky and stays on the teeth longer.  This, combined with the sugar found in fruit, makes it the perfect food source for cavity-causing bacteria. Fruit Juice, on the other hand, provides its own hazard for teeth. The sugars and acids in fruit juice are often very concentrated meaning there will be more cavity-causing variables to eat away at their teeth.

Acidic/Citrusy Foods

And speaking of acid, foods with a high acidity should be limited. Too much acid exposure can lead to tooth decay.  Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are some of the biggest culprits, but people often overlook this because of the vitamins they also provide.

Potato Chips

Ok, so nobody thinks potato chips are healthy, but the harm they can do to your children’s teeth often goes unnoticed. Potato chips can mean trouble because they’re loaded with starch. This starch can get stuck in and between your teeth. These starches break down into sugar in your mouth, and feed the bad bacteria if they aren’t cleaned out quickly and thoroughly.


It might be hard to believe, but bread can be surprisingly harmful to your kids’ teeth. White bread can damage teeth in a way very similar to potato chips. It’s loaded with refined, starchy carbohydrates which turn into a paste as you chew. That paste sticks your teeth and turns into simple sugars which feed the bacteria known to cause tooth decay.

If your child eats or enjoys these foods, you don’t have to cut them out of their diet entirely. It’s ok to have some of these foods especially since some of them have health benefits. Make sure your child eats them in moderation and cleans their teeth well afterward. And don’t forget to ensure your child’s oral hygiene is getting the care it needs by setting up an appointment at The Children’s Dental Center today!

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